To be honest, I began exploring Sufism as a result of the rise of militant Islam. This, combined with my studies of Gnostic Christianity and Kabbalah, made me interested in understanding the "other" Islam. Sufism is mystic Islam.

As I studied Sufism, I realized that it, together with Kabbalah and Gnoism, solves one of the world's most pressing issues: How can Judiasm, Christianity, and Islam be reconciled? Perhaps they can be reconciled through their mystical counterparts, which have much more in common than in difference. Unity.

The Sufis are the mystics of Islam who believe we can see God now, moment by moment. Sufism has offered a path of Self-Realization for thousands of years. Sufism is a way of love, devotion and knoweldge. The aim of Sufism is to eliminate all veils between the individual and God. For Sufis, self-knowledge leads to knowledge of God.

Again, I saw commonalities between not only Sufism, Gnostic Christianity and Kabbalah, but also between Buddhism and the Australian Aboriginals. The common thread is Oneness.

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